Who am I?

Interviews are a common procedure when entering the job market. So how about practicing them beforehand? This activity will allow participants to have a better understanding of their strengths while improving their communication and presentation skills. Afterward, they will feel much more prepared for a real job interview!

45 minutes, could need more time in case of a bigger group.

Preferred location:
any location with tables and chairs.

Working method:
individual introspection; teamwork – focused on communication (in pairs).

papers, pens, and tape.


to prepare the participants for the employment process, by increasing self-awareness, self-expression, and motivation. The participants will also have the chance to work on their presentation skills.


  • with tape, place a piece of paper on each participant’s back;
  • without speaking, the participants should go around and write on the papers a personality trait, strength, or competence that describes the other one; this should take around 5 minutes, depending on the size of the group;
  • after they finished, each participant has 15 minutes to read their papers and prepare a short presentation for a job interview;
  • when time is up, the participants should form pairs, sit on opposite sides of a table, and interview each other, the first one being the interviewer and the other the interviewee and after 10 minutes switching; in the end, the participants should point out to each other things to improve for the future.


after all the participants have finished with the interviews, the facilitator can have a closing reflection with the group to make them reflect on the activity, as well as measure its impact. Some examples are:

  • for what kind of job would you like to have an interview?
  • did you learn something new about yourself?
  • are you more comfortable presenting yourself to others?
  • what can you do to become closer to your dreams?
  • do you feel more prepared to start a professional career?

Possible alternatives

for a more dynamic activity, make the interviews in a rotating system, like a “job fair”, so that the participants can be interviewed by multiple people, thus improving their presentation skills even more.