The tarp

If you are searching for a fun activity and the only thing you have in store is a tarp, well, don’t worry, here is a solution for you!

15 minutes

Preferred location:
outside is recommended but the activity can also be done inside.

Working method:
learning by doing and teamwork (at least 5 people in each group).



improving communication in small groups, improving teamwork, improving problem solving.


  • put a tarp on the ground;
  • after the members of the group are all on the tarp, they will have 10 minutes to fold the tarp as many times as possible;
  • while folding the tarp the participants can’t touch the ground;
  • if one participant touches the ground they will have to start the process from the beginning.


after the activity, you can also ask if they came up with a strategy and how they decided on it.

Possible alternatives

if you have more groups you can also put a higher time limit and make a competition out of it. For instance, the groups can have the first 10 minutes to try, and afterward, 5 minutes to come up with a group strategy, when the 5 minutes are over, each group will have 3 attempts, and the group who folded the tarp more times wins. In addition, you can ask them to turn the tarp upside down, while standing on it and not touching it with their hands.