The right path

How can outdoor activities train different leadership styles? This next activity although challenging will foster cooperation and communication between participants in a fun and entertaining way!

30 minutes

Preferred location:
outside, preferably in a place with obstacles in it (for ex. forest).

Working method:
teambuilding, teamwork – focusing on cooperation and communication (groups of 5/6 people maximum).

ropes and blindfolds.


improving communication in groups, improving teamwork, being more aware of how leadership works.


  • create paths using the ropes to define the limits;
  • then, make teams of 6; in each team, ask the participants to divide roles; one person should be guided, and the others should give the instructions; however, the people giving instructions can only say one word each; they have to choose who says “right”, “left”, “forward”, “stop” and “rotate”;
  • once all the roles are assigned, the person being guided should stand at the start of the path and put on the blindfold; the goal of the game is to reach the endpoint while being guided by the other team members;
  • no communication besides the words mentioned above is allowed; if the person being guided steps on the ropes, they have to start over; the fastest team wins;
  • make multiple rounds, alternating the person who is being guided.


when all rounds are finished, you can facilitate a reflection on how the activity was for the group. Here are some questions to guide the process:

  • how did you find the activity (easy, hard); how come?
  • what worked in the group?
  • did you prefer being guided or guiding others?
  • how was the communication working in the group?
  • if you could do this activity again, what would you do differently?

Possible alternatives

add obstacles and words like “down” and “up”, to make it more challenging in the case of a bigger group.