Taking action

When things are not working the way we want them to, we tend to make excuses. In many moments of our lives, we are just waiting and hoping for things to change and for destiny to be on our side. But we forget that we always have a choice. By making a list of actions you can take, and implementing them, you make things happen instead of letting things happen to you. This next activity will support the participants in learning more about the idea of taking initiative, in a very meaningful way.

90 minutes

Preferred location:
a quiet place with a flat surface.

Working method:
guided reflection; individual introspection.

floor mats, blindfolds, pens, papers, and a speaker.


to increase the participants’ motivation and initiative towards achieving their dreams; to encourage them to take action.


with relaxing music in the background, ask the participants to lay down in a comfortable position and put on the blindfold;- start the guided reflection:

“This exercise is a moment for you to check in with yourself. I ask you to close your eyes. Take a deep breath in… and let it out. Feel your body getting more and more relaxed and your mind getting clearer. Now take a moment to visualize your life… in one year. It is one year later, and I want you to imagine the life that you are living. You have accomplished the goals that you set for yourself, and most importantly, you are feeling and experiencing the feelings and experiences that you have always wanted to. That one thing you have been searching for, whether it is a job, family, health, finances, joy… You are now experiencing it. So think about your vision for yourself. Your future, your health, your mind, your happiness… Your vision for your world. It is one year later, and that vision is now a reality.”;

give the participants some minutes of silence to reflect, while you distribute papers and pens around the room; then, invite them to slowly remove their blindfolds and return to a sitting position when they are ready;

when all or most of the participants are ready, explain the second part of the activity; the participants must now write on a paper a dream that they have for the future, along with 3 actions that they can take in the next 30 minutes that will bring them closer to that dream; make clear that the actions must be something concrete that can be done at that moment, and not a plan for the future; these can be making a phone call, doing research, talking to someone, applying for something, etc.

after this time, call the participants back into the room and one by one invite them to share their dreams and actions that were taken.


at the end of the activity, have a short closing with the group to reflect on the activity, by asking questions such as:

  • how do you feel right now?
  • do you feel closer to your dreams?
  • what are the learning outcomes of this experience?
  • what else can you do in the future to reach your dreams?
  • do you feel more motivated to take action?

Possible alternatives

this guided meditation can be adapted to any topic you want the participants to reflect upon, such as education, attitudes, etc. Relate the actions to the topic of your choice, to have the desired outcome.