Rota JovemΒ is a non-profit youth association based in Cascais, which has been promoting and supporting activities for young people since 1992, with over 27 years of existence!

The secret of the association is being an open door to new projects, an opportunity for young people to realize their ideas and dreams with the support of an organization.

We currently have about 1600 members who participate and promote activities in areas as diverse as intercultural learning, participation and volunteering, Europe and youth, international mobility, environmental awareness, sports, among others.

Our impact extends beyond Cascais, both nationally and internationally, through the many international mobility projects carried out. Throughout these years, many young people have been here and have participated and created new activities, always in a peer learning logic. We believe that knowledge sharing is facilitated by peer identification and that creating a space of trust is key to experiencing and daring. πŸŒ±

We are committed to organizing outdoor activities with our local partners and involving our members and volunteers, using the learning method elaborated with the other organizations. The main idea is to support young adults from different countries in entering the labor market through inclusion. We believe these people involved should be truly engaged in every process – they should always have tasks and activities in each event, which brings them closer to understanding what they are already good at and what they would like to develop.

As Rota Jovem from Cascais, Portugal, we will work with our local partners, that have recognized work with young adults in the employment and social inclusion areas. We are planning to do a lot of activities and events, like outdoor camping weekends, reforestation events, employability bootcamps, hiking, surfing classes, beach clean-ups, working in community gardens, football tournaments, fundraising in local events, swap markets and street actions (e.g. demonstrations, awareness-raising activities, flashmobs).

Stay tuned for further updates. πŸŒŠ