Today all the organizations from the “Connectivity” crew could meet again. It was a great meeting where we could program the next steps for the project.

We are enthusiastic and happy about all that is going to come and about the future of the project!

Stay tuned for more info. 😉
Olde Vechte FoundationYOBBO – Youth Beyond BordersActive Bulgarian SocietyParcours Le Monde Ile-de-FrancePraxis GreeceEurope House Slavonski BrodRota Jovem.

Funded by Erasmusplus-NL.

“[…] it was a unique experience and approach. The difference was that we developed outdoor activities using non-formal education as a tool and at the same time experienced it. What do I mean? From the point that we all had a common knowledge about terms as a base, we started to experience the whole process. From the investigation of learning the needs of our target group to actually facilitate and be the trainer. In that way, the Connectivity project gave us a unique opportunity to practice our methods, develop new ones, and exchange practices among us. I can’t wait for the next meeting, go a step further and start working again as a team.”

Read more about the experience of our Greek team. 🖇

Great news on the horizon!

Thing are getting better and better and we are happy to announce you something great is going to happen sooner than we expected.

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We are still here, inspired, and ready to work with you!
Since meeting in person is rather difficult at the moment, we decided to create an online learning opportunity for you. 🌍💻

Are you curious about our project? Would you like to develop your facilitation skills in an outdoor context? Would you like to practice creating and leading educational outdoor activities? Then this might be for you.

In order to keep on creating content and exchanging ideas (as a warm-up for our future training activities), we offer you the following: join us in the upcoming months and discover the basics of facilitation through exclusive videos, tailor-made online content, outdoor games and activities, workshops in small international teams and support group meetings.

This is all free of charge and it only requires your wish to learn and to explore something new!

Would you like to know more? Are you ready to sign up?
Then reach out to one of our partners.

This project is co-created by Olde Vechte FoundationRota JovemActive Bulgarian SocietyEurope House Slavonski BrodParcours Le Monde Ile-de-FrancePraxis Greece, and YOBBO – Youth Beyond Borders.

Funded by Erasmusplus-NL.

Getting down to something new!

While in many ways we are on hold, the given situation has also some benefits. For the last few weeks, Olde Vechte Foundation has been busy trying to figure out new possibilities within the restrictions and as a result, an adjusted system has been developed for all volunteering activities.

Being outside as much as possible and keeping distance from others – these are the guidelines and gardening seems to fit just right in. Spinach, onion, dill, beets, arugula, and parsley is growing soon, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, paprika, and beans will be added later to our homemade vegetable garden. Can’t wait to taste these own grown vegetables! 🍅🥬🥒🍆

This is how an outdoor activity can turn into a learning process and a benefit for everyone around.

Would you like to follow the work of our volunteers?
Then check out our page, Vrijwilligers werk vechtdal.

Is doing activities still possible?
Our colleagues at Europe House Slavonski Brod have organized a mini-environmental campaign called Solidarity Bouquet this Monday, in order to celebrate the European week and to create visibility for our project.

In the frame of this event, few excited youngsters joined a clean-up activity on the Sava riverside. 🌍

What about safety?
Ensuring small groups and welcoming new volunteers every hour seemed to be the best way to keep the event optimal and enjoyable for everyone.

More information about the event for our Croatian readers:

First things first.

More than a month ago the first “Connectivity” meeting took place in Bergolo, Italy. While the weekend was hosted by YOBBO – Youth Beyond Borders, all the other partners were represented by some of their key staff members.

Besides spending a beautiful weekend between hills and vineyards, we managed to meet, catch up with each other and define the structure of the upcoming three years of our cooperation.

Events, meetings and trainings full of surprise – we are very much looking forward to all of these! 🌿 What we know for sure though, is that our first training event will happen between the 24th and 29th of April 2020 in Ommen, the Netherlands.

Follow us for more information on how to join!

Here we are! 🎉

“Connectivity” is starting and from now on you will be updated on every single event developed in this project-frame. Moreover, we will share news and information with you, all along the way.

Why would you follow us?

The aim of this project is to develop a method of sustainable inclusion for unemployed (young) adults through educational outdoor activities, therefore we would like to connect organizations who are already working with this group and to support them in creating activities and events that are both enjoyable and beneficial.

Stay tuned for more. ☺️
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The project is co-created by Olde Vechte FoundationActive Bulgarian SocietyParcours Le Monde Ile-de-FranceEurope House Slavonski BrodYOBBO – Youth Beyond BordersRota Jovem and Praxis Greece.

Funded by Erasmusplus-NL.