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Promoting an active lifestyle

We, Active Bulgarian Society, have always aimed to make our city a better place to live. We are interested increating outdoor activities to promote an active lifestyle, intercultural communication, and active participation in the local community. For this reason, our team is creating weekly outdoor events for last month – “Game o’clock”, ”Fairplay Football”, “Volleyball for …

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Break the ice and create the group

Starting a group activity with an ice breaker is a very important first step. This helps in building confidence and familiarity between the participants so that everyone feels comfortable, and in a good mood to start the activities they’ll be doing. To help, Rota Jovem has a suggestion. This game is called “The Line Up”, you’ll only …

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Inclusion for Healthy Generations

“Inclusion for Healthy Generations’’ brings innovative character thanks to its network that includes organizations from different European countries with diverse profiles, in particular bringing added value by involving organizations focused on different kinds of sports, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle; organizations targeting youth, old people, unemployed/ disadvantaged people, refugees – this will support the creation of …

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