If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain

Let’s be honest, located right in the center of Paris, it would be a lie to say that in Parcours Le Monde Ile-de-France, we do all sorts of outdoor activities with our beneficiaries (…not yet!)

Nevertheless, driven by our will to deliver our message among the NEETs – individuals that currently do not have any ties with a socio-educational organization, we had to spice up our practices and get out of our offices to go find them in their own neighborhood.

Thus, we started to contact local associations to plan together small outdoor events down the blocks. Known and recognized by the neighborhood’s young inhabitants, those organizations are in charge of spreading the word and taking care of some logistic aspects. As for us, Parcours le Monde IDF, we bring our giant « Mobility Snakes and Ladder »…and some sausages to grill for an unexpected snack!
Those events create some local entertainment. Some are very curious while others stay away, glancing at us out of the corner of the eye. One sure thing, several actions will be necessary to earn their confidence.

Our goal is to shake the codes, taking over their familiar, open and secure environment, to surprise them and bring conviviality with giant games and food, aiming to create a new learning opportunity for these young people