To tackle the challenge of reaching and including young adults in a learning process, we need to provide them tailored interventions. Outdoors activities are a good opportunity to give space to more playfulness and effectiveness at the same time, to focus on the skills people actually possess, and not just those they lack while creating a dynamic and stimulating learning frame.

Along with the 7 partner organizations, Parcours Le Monde Ile-de-France and its local partners will share their good practices and work on the development of a sustainable and replicable method.
To support it, 4 training courses will take place over the next 3 years. They are designed to help social workers in implementing high-quality activities to achieve the following goals:
– how to reach out to adults who might have a negative perception of education?
– how to identify where the individual learner needs guidance and support?
– how to design programs choosing the most suitable pedagogies, as well as to identify the most appropriate times and places for learning?

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