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First Training meeting

We’ve successfully concluded our very first Connectivity meeting! For seven days, participants from the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Greece, and Croatia came together in the first of four training events focused on increasing employability for adults coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. This long-term project aims to create an educational methodology of outdoor activities, with the …

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Behind the scenes!

Meet some of us behind the scenes! 🎉 The Connectivity crew decided to meet, catch up, discuss the situation and come up with new ideas on how to create more online content! Stay tuned for more! 🌳 The project is co-created by Olde Vechte Foundation, Active Bulgarian Society, Rota Jovem, Praxis Greece, Europe House Slavonski Brod, YOBBO – Youth Beyond Borders and Parcours Le Monde …

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What is Connectivity? 🤔

“Connectivity” is a project that focuses on developing a method of sustainable inclusion for unemployed adults and disadvantaged groups by creating an accessible learning frame through educational outdoor activities.Through this project, we would like to offer a solution to this challenge by giving high-quality learning opportunities, which are tailored to the needs of each individual …

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