40 minutes.

Preferred location:
Around the city

Working method:
Outdoor activity, Group activity, Team building, Communication

Internet connection, Facebook group, Smartphones, Maps, Cameras


  • Visit the town
  • Talk with local people
  • Know basic points of the town


  • Get connected in the group chat.
  • Follow the posts that will give you the instructions.
  • Take photos of every point/step.

A person is hiding in the city everyone is looking for him. The participant who finds the hiding person needs to hide with him.


The participants had the chance to talk to each other and to solve various assignments together. Ask reflection questions related to their cooperation and communication skills:

  • how did it go? what was difficult to achieve?
  • what helped them and what was holding them back?
  • if they would do it again, how would they do it?
  • who was in charge and who was following the ideas of others? 
  • did they switch roles or it all stayed the same until the end of the activity? 

Be creative with these questions and see what emerges! Work with the group on the spot!

Possible alternatives

  • You can deliver this activity without phones, only with maps.
  • You can also set a specific timelimit.


  • Make sure you have clear agreements with your team members when it comes to the online instructions! 
  • Name various elements that your participants can find around the city (or around the space you chose) – this way you keep them engaged for a long time.