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Imaginary CV

What are the first steps when someone is trying to enter the job market? First, you have to take some time to get to know yourself and your dreams. This activity is intended for people looking for a job or other opportunities, to help them self-reflect and learn more about themselves. Name of the activity: …

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Who am I?

Interviews are a common procedure when entering the job market. So how about practicing them beforehand? This activity will allow participants to have a better understanding of their strengths, while improving communication and presentation skills. Afterwards, they will feel much more prepared for a real job interview! Name of the activity: Who am I? Duration: …

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With the walk we meet

What are the most common places where people meet and get to know each other? Well, usually people interact with each other during the work or in the free time in pubs or in a cafeteria, for sure not in a forest, or by stopping random people on the street. How would a meeting go …

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