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The tarp

If you are searching for a fun activity and the only thing you have in store is a tarp, well, don’t worry, here is a solution for you! Name of the activity: The tarp Duration: 15 minutes Preferred location: outside is recommended but the activity can also be done inside. Working method: learning by doing …

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Blind goal

You usually need a nice preparation and many materials to create a challenging outdoor activity for your participants. Well, if you are searching for a powerful and challenging activity to do on the spot, which doesn’t require too much preparation, this one is going to be a wise choice. Name of the activity: Blind goal …

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Better together

Outdoor activities offer a great occasion to move around and enjoy the surroundings. A treasure hunt can be a nice activity in this sense, staying outside and solving puzzles around is a fun and efficient way of increasing the “problem solving” skills of our participants. Even more if you can use this as a tool …

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Enchanted Tree

A forest can become a magical place, especially when listening to the sound of the nature around you. With this activity, the nature around you will be the only sound you will be able to hear; the participants will practice non-verbal communication and teamwork surrounded by this magical atmosphere. Name of the activity: Enchanted Tree …

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Survival for beginners

Having challenging tasks and a short amount of time to accomplish them? Creating something out of nothing while also searching for a helping hand? How to turn such a frame into a learning process? Name of the activity: Survival for beginners Duration: approximately one day. Preferred location: in the forest, or in a place where …

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