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The right path

How can outdoor activities train different leadership styles? This next activity although challenging, will foster cooperation and communication between participants in a fun and entertaining way! Name of the activity: The right path Duration: 30 minutes Preferred location: outside, preferably in a place with obstacles in it (for ex. forest). Working method: team building, teamwork …

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Communication is not always verbal. A lot of communication during our interactions with each other is actually based on our body language. In this activity, the participants will understand better how others communicate and how different it can be from their own communication style. They will also learn how their attitude can portrait the way …

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Blind goal

You usually need a nice preparation and many materials to create a challenging outdoor activity for your participants. Well, if you are searching for a powerful and challenging activity to do on the spot, which doesn’t require too much preparation, this one is going to be a wise choice. Name of the activity: Blind goal …

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Survival for beginners

Having challenging tasks and a short amount of time to accomplish them? Creating something out of nothing while also searching for a helping hand? How to turn such a frame into a learning process? Name of the activity: Survival for beginners Duration: approximately one day. Preferred location: in the forest, or in a place where …

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The gallerist

How can we use all our resources and how can we turn them into an activity? Many times, designing an outdoor game is all about looking around and identifying various elements from nature that can support us in training certain behaviors or qualities. Name of the activity: The gallerist Duration: it depends on the number …

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