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Taking action

When things are not working the way we want them to, we tend to make excuses. Many moments of our lives, we are just waiting and hoping for things to change and for destiny to be on our side. But we forget that we always have a choice. By making a list of actions you …

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Communication is not always verbal. A lot of communication during our interactions with each other is actually based on our body language. In this activity, the participants will understand better how others communicate and how different it can be from their own communication style. They will also learn how their attitude can portrait the way …

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From immigrants to citizens

When it comes to working with immigrants, many times we put high emphasis on teaching the language of the receiving country, or on giving more and more information about the culture of the receiving country. While all these are valuable, it might be good to challenge the way we are doing this… is there another, …

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Connect with the locals

If you are searching for a fun activity for your participants and you want them to interact with locals, then this activity is definitely for you. Moreover, in this way you will be able to collect several information and measure the impact of your organization in your local community. Name of the activity: Connect with …

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When it comes to supporting unemployed adults, many times we tend to be busy with the topic of unemployment – trying to find ways in order to create good looking CVs, researching job opportunities or aiming to teach specific skills to these people. While all these can be very useful, many times they don’t create …

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Exploring your surroundings

When it comes to outdoor education, quite often we tend to think of complicated, physical challenges or programs that are hard to organize and to make accessible for everyone. Through “Connectivity” we are looking for ways to make these activities more simple and reachable for everyone working with fewer opportunity adults. What better than exploring …

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