Midterm meeting

This idea started three years ago and it was about time to see how we will proceed. For that reason, after the first two training meetings in the Netherlands during the demanding period of the pandemic, October 2021 was a good opportunity for all partners to meet in order to evaluate the progress of the program. Connectivity is a project, which was created and partially implemented during a difficult time period with a lot of challenges all around the world. While being able to organize 2 training meetings, all partners have begun to implement and practice the tools and methods they have learned, while working on these through different activities. After these years and various events, it was important that all partners gather, assess the situation, find solutions to challenges or avoid future possible obstacles. Greece, and especially Serres, was the place that hosted us for these days. 

Each partner organization was represented during this mid-term meeting which lasted two days. One of the first things was to revisit all the basic points and facts that had been done until that time so that all of us could have a clear idea about our achievements. Moreover, we reorganized ourselves to a certain extent, we replanned the initial time schedule of the project due to various social circumstances, thus aiming to stay effective. At that point, discussing the project with people who have been participating and who have been very active in previous events was very helpful and important. Thus, their contribution was significant especially with regard to the evaluation of the program until that moment because we could approach the project from as many sides as possible. 

This meeting was a great chance to observe and focus on new goals and learning needs that our participants could have, thus adjusting our project activities to the realities of our target group when it comes to the topic of employability. Since we brought up some new ideas and set new targets, we separated ourselves into 4 different groups, each one of them with a specific task that will be continued during the whole period of the project. The teams are involved with the Intellectual Outputs, the Assistance of the following event, the Social Media part, and the Zoom meeting preparation. All of us started to work in teams and the main goal was either to plan and organize the next steps in those fields or to work on them in case something was already done. Of course, the aim was to enlarge these teams step-by-step with other members and participants, thus creating a bigger impact.

It all ended with confirming some of the future plans and agreeing that we will have monthly Zoom meetings with our participants as well. One reason for this was to help and motivate each other while following the procedure. These kinds of meetings will be repeated, with the purpose of creating the best possible outcomes.