Mediation as a tool for interviews

When searching for a job, the participants will usually have to go through a selection process involving an interview. Can outdoor activities actually provide useful skills for the employment process? The next activity will show you how.

45 minutes

Preferred location:
outside, preferably in a quiet place.

Working method:
guided reflection; individual introspection.

papers, pens, and markers.


to prepare the participants for job interviews by increasing their self-awareness and their self-expression skills.


  • for the first part of the activity, start by giving a short introduction (5 minutes) about job interviews and possible interview questions;
  • for the second part, the participants should be silent and position themselves in a comfortable manner, laying down or sitting, and closing their eyes; during this part, they will be guided through a meditation session in order to self-reflect on certain aspects about themselves;
  • ask them to remember certain moments or experiences in which they were part of a project or had to collaborate with other people in a team;
  • then, ask questions such as “what do you think were your strengths during those experiences?”, “what do you think were your weaknesses during those experiences?”, “what would you have done differently?”, “how do you imagine yourself 5 years from now?”, etc.; the meditation should last around 15 minutes;
  • for the next phase, the participants are asked to describe these thoughts on paper; these can be expressed in words, drawings, or other methods of their choice;
  • after 10 minutes, conduct a reflection where the participants share their personal conclusions with the group, such as strengths and weaknesses, and justify their choices.


after the final reflection, the facilitator can ask the participants certain questions to measure the impact and the success of the activity and to close the activity, such as:

  • how was your experience; how did it make you feel?
  • what did you learn from this?
  • do you feel better prepared for a job interview?

Possible alternatives

for a more extensive activity, or for an adaptation to the COVID-19 context, the participants can prepare a video on their phones with the answers to the questions asked during the meditation, such as their strengths and weaknesses. This way, the participants are also preparing for a possible video interview.