Logo creator!

Meet the creator of our logo!

“My name is John, (Giannis Setzas) and currently I am studying architecture. I am a young man with a great passion for cinema and art in general. I like being creative, meeting new people, hearing their stories, traveling, and learning constantly. Always curious about modern life and society.

When I saw the contest for the logo, I thought it was an interesting challenge. I read the description of the project, to see the details, but then I told myself… Ok, we got time till the deadline. I almost forgot the contest, until the moment I was having a look at my booked pages. That was the moment I remembered! I felt lucky that I had not missed the deadline, as it was a contest that I really wanted to participate in, since it was a European one, for a project with a great aim and with the use of great methods, for which I was hoping to help, at least with my means, the means of creativity. I wanted to contribute to this in my way. So, I re-read, very carefully this time, the text describing Connectivity, as I wanted the logo to be inspired by the project itself and to reflect its general idea.”

Thank you, John, for your great initiative!