Kick-off meeting

First things first, after the project got approved it was time to see how we could develop it, together with all our partners. You don’t start such a long project with such a great goal without a proper plan. In order to design this plan we had our kick-off meeting.

This first meeting took place in Bergolo, Italy, and was hosted by YOBBO – Youth Beyond Borders. It was the first time that all key staff members of each organization could meet in person and spend a weekend together to shape the project steps.

During these days, besides spending a beautiful weekend between hills and vineyards, we managed to define the structure of the upcoming three years of our cooperation. We went through two main directions: the timeline of the events and the role of each partner.

The defined timeline included not only the four training meetings but also the midterm and the final meeting for the key staff members and the multiplier events to spread the outcomes of the project in each country and to create an impact locally. After that, we defined the roles of each partner, meaning that each organization will have an active role during the events that will take place in the next years, starting from the creation of the outputs, hosting the meetings, and, in general, being active on the territory, in line with the spirit of this project.

This short meeting was the best way to start our journey together. We could see the bright future of our project. It was great to see how many ideas and how much involvement emerged from this meeting. The future steps can’t be anything but good!