International network

From the very beginning YOBBO saw this project as an opportunity to achieve many of its goals as an organization; mainly to increase the international network with new partners, to engage more young adults in YOBBO’s work, and to start creating an impact in the field (especially in small local realities). The idea was to reach fewer opportunity adults through the new resources and competences gained within Connectivity.

The first real impact was visible for the people volunteering in YOBBO, those members who were taking care of the project management last year; they had the occasion to learn a lot and to improve many different skills: arranging a small event like the kick-off meeting, exchanging information with the international partners and learning how the project administration works.

Moreover, thanks to the first training meeting an even bigger impact has been created since the participants selected for this event were coming from small realities and were active in the field of adult education (active especially within our organization). It was a great occasion for them to improve their knowledge during the training and for YOBBO to include more adults in the organization’s “life”. In this way, the first Connectivity training meeting turned out to be an exchange of good practices about adult education between the participants and a great opportunity for YOBBO to include these learnings and methods by being more active in the field. 

With these new possibilities and new resources, we could move in two different directions. On one side the participants could gain many different skills to use in their jobs and in their work with adults; on the other side, YOBBO could cooperate with them while organizing events in the field for the same target group.

It is great to see how, thanks to this project, YOBBO has now the means to create a real impact for people coming from small and disadvantaged realities and it is great to see how the first Connectivity training meeting could create such an engagement for the participants. More specifically, the next step will be to use the knowledge gained in the last year and in the last meeting to engage more and more adults through activities and events co-created by YOBBO and the Connectivity participants, with keeping the goal of raising awareness on non-formal education opportunities and working on all those skills that can give to this target group more possibilities and can increase their employability.