Imaginary CV

What are the first steps when someone is trying to enter the job market? First, you have to take some time to get to know yourself and your dreams. This activity is intended for people looking for a job or other opportunities, to help them self-reflect and learn more about themselves.

1 hour

Preferred location:
any location with tables and chairs.

Working method:
individual introspection.

papers, pens, colourful markers, and rulers.


to prepare the participants for the employment process, by increasing self-awareness regarding their skills, self-expression, and motivation.


start by giving a brief introduction about curriculums, their composition, and importance in the job market;

with the materials provided, the participants should then proceed to create an imaginary CV; this should consist of a combination of their real experiences, abilities, and hobbies, with their desires and plans for the future (one should not see the difference between what is real or not);

in the end, the participants should describe their CVs to the group, explaining which are their current skills/experiences and which are the desired ones, and why; sharing their dreams for the future out loud will make them feel more real, increasing their motivation in order to achieve them.


after the participants have shared their imaginary CVs with each other, the facilitator can have a closing reflection with the group to make them reflect on the practical applications of the activity, as well as measure its impact. Some examples are:

  • if you would put this experience into one word, what would it be and why?
  • did you learn something new about yourself?
  • were you comfortable while presenting your CV to others?
  • what can you do to become closer to your dreams?
  • do you feel more motivated to start a professional career?

Possible alternatives

the imaginary CVs can be created anonymously (the participants are kept at a distance from each other). At the end of the activity, the participants have to guess which CV belongs to whom, turning this into a team bonding activity where the participants can get to know each other better.