Final meeting

Finally after 3 years and a half we have reached the last meeting of our project.

These have been long and difficult years, full of challenges and hardships not only for us but for the whole world due to the adverse phenomenon of the pandemic that made it difficult or almost impossible for people to connect with each other and thus for our projects to take place.

Though this project was developed mostly during this particularly challenging historical period, we still managed to complete each activity we planned and achieve the goal of the project itself: sharing good practices from contexts all over Europe in order to create more employability for adults coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At the end of October the project partner organizations from their respective countries (Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Greece and Croatia) met in Cascais (Portugal) at the headquarter of the Portuguese partner organization to give a general account of the activities carried out over the past years.

First of all, each member of the respective organizations gave an outspoken exposition of what this project over these years has meant to him/her, what was the contribution he/she has made to the achievement of the predetermined goal and most significantly what he/she has learned firsthand from the activities carried out in the past 3 years (also from the organization’s perspective).

After that several hours were devoted to analyze the strengths of our activities and their impact on our target group: adults with a low level of education, but above all, any critical issues that emerged over time have been analyzed in order to improve ourselves and our way of working for future projects.

As a final step, we evaluated the impact that the activities related to this project had on our target group over these years in order to have an honest and truthful feedback about the effectiveness of the program.

The meeting concluded with a personal feedback from each member on the results achieved and on possible improvements for upcoming projects.