Expand educational dimensions

Up to this point, Connectivity has offered a substantial area of learning for all staff members within Active Bulgarian Society. The organization has managed to expand its educational dimensions through outdoor activities and to expand its network. ABS has contacted many unemployed adults that are facing fewer opportunities or such that fall into the NEETs sector (that are not in education and are not employed). ABS has also made connections with regional Employment Agencies, thus, making more opportunities available specifically to those people who are part of these circles.

Furthermore, the first activity that was executed in Ommen, the Netherlands (in which 5 representatives of the local learners and staff took part) gave further insights and a new direction to continue the work on tackling adult unemployment through outdoor activities. The concepts acquired by the participants were later shared with the management team of ABS and prepared the path for the next steps of the project – the follow-up activities on a local level, which would be the core of the long-term sustainability of the project. The participants, along with the help of the ABS staff are now creating the follow-up campaign on a national level while involving more adults with disadvantages in the project activities.

As an outcome, ABS has benefited from implementing certain new tools and models (presented in the above-mentioned training meeting), especially the 12 steps of Winkelaar (how to do an investigation regarding the needs of the target group, analysis, what is the purpose of the activities, creating the activities; facilitation of the activities – how to do an opening speech, how to guide the activities, how to give instructions, how to debrief the activities; how to create a follow-up for these activities so they don’t become one-time events with no impact in the long-run) and the Impact tool of Erasmus+. 

The active participation in the first phase of the Connectivity project proved that there is a beneficial impact on those specific participants. They expressed their first-hand experience as being meaningful in personal and professional aspects and are now more eager to develop further in life and also to support other adults with disadvantages on a local level.

On an organizational level, the research and examples of the participants are motivational factors to continue the work on the objectives of this project. In the future, ABS foresees gathering the final data from the first training meeting and evolving accordingly, taking into consideration the specific needs, expressed by the participants and the further research made on the topic of tackling youth unemployment.