Connect with the locals

If you are searching for a fun activity for your participants and you want them to interact with locals, then this activity is definitely for you. Moreover, in this way, you will be able to collect information and measure the impact of your organization on your local community.

approximately 1 hour, but you can always add at least 1 more hour, so the participants have the time to explore the place and talk with locals.

Preferred location:
preferably the town where your organization is active.

Working method:
learning by doing; individual work and teamwork (groups of maximum 5 people).

1 camera per group.


improving the communication skills of your participants, creating a connection with locals, supporting their active participation in the community, understanding how your organization has an impact on the local community.


  • divide the participants into groups of 5 or fewer;
  • brief the participants about the general topic that they are going to investigate, you can give the groups short and general examples of what they could investigate (how the organization is present in the local community, what the locals know about the organization, what would be a way to be more present in the local community, etc.);
  • don’t forget to ask for pictures and videos.


after they are back with the information, they will have time to prepare a presentation they are going to share in front of the group. You can tell them to use creativity in choosing how to do it and to make it the way they want to, you can also give some examples (video, posters, pantomime, etc.).

Possible alternatives

it doesn’t have to be about the impact of your organization if you don’t want that, the same activity can be used to investigate all sorts of topics (for instance the participants can do an investigation about the topics of a certain project or about topics that they are really interested in). Moreover, you can choose how they are going to present it, this way they are going to work on more specific skills of your choice (such as non-verbal communication, video editing, and public speaking).