Come to My Side

40 minutes.

Preferred location:
Forest / outdoor activity

Working method:
Team work, Cooperation, Communication, Discussion, Evolving some of the soft skills



  • Negotiation
  • Respectful discussion
  • Thinking outside of the box


  • Form pairs of 2 people.
  • Stand facing your pair while in the middle there is a rope.
  • You need to convince your pair to come to your side. (Imagine you are in your room and you have to invite him/her).
  • The person who will persuade the other member wins an award (an all exclusive cruise at the Caribbean Islands).


  • Was it easy for you to persuade your partner and why?
  • Do you feel that you persist too much to manage it? And how do you feel about it?
  • Did you think of giving up and going to the other’s room? 
  • Is this something that could bother you?
  • Did you face any difficulties with the negotiation?
  • Did you get convinced because you were tired of the negotiation process or did you truly get convinced?
  • So have you thought that if you had switched rooms you could both have won, there weren’t any prohibitions for this? Why do you believe that you didn’t think about this? (If they switched: how did you come up with that?)

Possible alternatives

  • This game can be used for different subjects. For example the pairs need to convince each other to come to their side and the subject to be their own country and not their bedroom.


  • Clear instructions
  • Depending on the target group the subject of the activity can be changed.