Clues all around

In case we would like to support immigrants in their integration process, there are quite some playful options that we can choose from. How about a treasure hunt this time?

approximately 1 hour, but you can always decide to extend it.

Preferred location:
in the forest or in a natural area where you can easily hide clues.

Working method:
individual work and teamwork, gamification (groups of maximum 5 people).

depends on your clues and challenges


supporting the integration process of immigrants or local minorities through outdoor games and activities.


divide your group of participants into small teams and create a treasure hunt for them. Hide an item, a task, or anything that you would like them to find by the end somewhere in the forest and create a path of activities and clues which will lead them to this treasure.

While designing these activities and clues, make sure you add elements of the local culture, such as traditions, ways of behavior, food, opportunities in the area, languages to speak, etc. Also, make sure you create assignments that ask more about the culture of your participants so that you give space for cultural exchange. The participants have to solve these assignments and find these clues in their small teams while competing against the other teams, still, you can also add parts where the teams need to cooperate with each other – this can only increase the value of the activity and the fun that it brings.

The first team that gets to the treasure, wins. When defining the treasure, it is good to think of something that can be shared with everyone, so that you finish in an inclusive manner.


after the activity, you can have a conversation (or choose any other form) with your participants and support them in opening up about their learnings. Also, don’t forget to further stimulate them and ask them to come up with ways how they can use their learnings in the upcoming weeks (how can they connect with the local community through these learnings).

Possible alternatives

the activity itself gives a lot of flexibility, you can choose to work with the local culture in general or you can pick specific aspects (such as communication, entrepreneurship in the local community, etc.). You can also find ways to incorporate the culture and experiences of your participants; this way you can create an exchange of culture, since whatever they bring is just as valuable as the elements you would like to introduce them to.