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Entering the labor market

As a local association, Rota Jovem’s goal is to support the local community of Cascais and to create an impact in youngsters’ lives, by organizing activities, projects, and giving them the necessary tools and support in order to implement their own ones. To come closer to this goal, Rota Jovem joined the Connectivity project, which …

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Expand educational dimensions

Up to this point Connectivity has offered a substantial area for learning for all staff members of Active Bulgarian Society. The organization has managed to expand its educational dimensions through outdoor activities and to expand its network. ABS has contacted many unemployed adults that are with fewer opportunities or such that fall into the NEETs …

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International network

From the very beginning YOBBO saw this project as an opportunity to achieve many of its goals as an organization; mainly to increase the international network with new partners, to engage more young adults in YOBBO’s work and to start creating an impact in the field (especially in small local realities). The idea was to …

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Working locally

By participating in the Connectivity project so far, we strengthened our way of working locally. We learned more about mapping our needs, creating local programs, evaluating the results, and creating a sustainable method of inclusion. As an organization that is already working with adults and young people with fewer opportunities, supporting them in gaining skills …

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Awareness of resources

Parcours le Monde IDF decided to join Connectivity as an opportunity to share expertise with a consortium of skilled European partners on mentoring young adults experiencing difficulties in their life and questions about their future career paths. Additionally, learning through the Connectivity network was seen as a way to acquire new tools to make programs …

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The first step: eco-action

Our NGO Europe House Slavonski Brod has decided to organize an eco-action as the first activity of the project. This activity aimed to clean one of the most recognizable places in the city – a small riverside beach with a big 3D image. This place came up to be very popular to young citizens of …

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