2 hours

Preferred location:
Forest/outdoor place

Working method:
Team building, Exercise, Communication, Cooperation, Improving dancing and flexibility skills

Capoeira teacher, Suitable Musical Instruments for Capoeira, Speakers


  • Learn a new method of exercising.
  • Learn a new culture and be more attached to it.
  • Be creative and express yourself through a different form of art.


  • Explain to the participants what is Capoeira.
  • Start the dancing lesson.
  • Create a circle.
  • Teach them how to play the musical instruments of Capoeira.
  • Start a battle:
    • the people around the circle sing;
    • 3 or 4 people play with the musical instruments;
    • 2 people start a battle inside the circle.


  • What’s your opinion about the art of Capoeira?
  • How did you feel during the dancing lesson?
  • Have you ever seen musical instruments like that before?
  • Did you like learning how to produce sound and then play those musical instruments?
  • How did you feel when you were part of a Capoeira battle?

Possible alternatives

  • The row of the dancing lesson and the music lesson could be different.
  • The time also depends on the facilitator and also on the consistency and the energy of the group.


Make sure you give clear instructions and take your time when it comes to the explanation/history of Capoeira. You can work with various target groups, the age doesn’t matter. Make sure you adjust your activity to the people that you work with (you might need different instructions or different steps).