Awareness of resources

Parcours le Monde IDF decided to join Connectivity as an opportunity to share expertise with a consortium of skilled European partners on mentoring young adults experiencing difficulties in their life; all this while supporting them with questions about their future career paths. Additionally, learning through the Connectivity network was seen as a way to acquire new tools to make programs for young people with limited opportunities more efficient and to increase the reach with “invisible” audiences.

In the first year, the project started to create new opportunities and horizons for all of its participants.  Parcours le Monde IDF enlarged and reinforced its European network, meeting 6 new organizations working in the same field of youth inclusion and employment. Bridges were built towards new partnerships for specific future projects, such as youth exchanges.  

The announcement about the topics of the first training meeting was well received among the local youth organizations, a testament to its relevance and its importance. For Parcours le Monde IDF, this was a step forward in increasing awareness of available resources to develop new activities for young people.  During the meeting, natural networking took place between French participants, with knowledge and experiences shared between experienced youth workers and newcomers. The sharing of good practices, tips, and ideas, and the will of designing projects together, have continued after the meeting. The Connectivity project concretely connected European and local professionals around one common topic in order to develop a new methodology. 

Depending on their realities, each organization adjusted the content of the meeting to modify and improve their way of working. As a result, one organization decided to welcome volunteers to a local social center and provide them with a tailored mission based on their interests. Another organization, very impressed by the role of bikes in Dutch society, is planning to take a group of young adults attending the same center for a bike ride to the sea. Another participant is thinking of implementing a skills identification and recognition plan for the volunteers of the eco-recycling center. 

At this stage of the project, Connectivity gathered participants from 7 European countries and gave all of us the opportunity to learn more about youth policies across Europe while reflecting on our way of working and implementing new tools and methodologies. It facilitated the creation of new partnerships at local, national, and international levels.