Europe House Slavonski Brod (EHSB) is a non-governmental organization established in September 1998 in order to promote European and global integration processes and to support the cultural, political, and economic integration of Croatia into the European Union. One of its main goals is to promote and develop European interdependence and cooperation, human rights, environmental protection, as well as natural and cultural heritage. Our activities are focused on the integration of young people from rural areas, young people with different cultural, national, and religious backgrounds. We stimulate this through training events, workshops, individual support, international exchanges, and projects. We work both with adults and youngsters.

While implementing our own and our partners’ activities, we promote personal and social development and create a feeling of personal responsibility for peace, human rights, environmental protection, natural and cultural heritage. This is also the reason why we became part of Connectivity. We support initiatives and projects that strengthen non-formal education through outdoor activities, civic cohesion, and active citizenship on local levels… this is what Connectivity is all about.

For this reason, designing tailor-made learning experiences will always be on top of our list.

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Praxis Greece is a youth non-governmental organization in Serres, in North Greece which has activities in youth policy, media, migration and human rights fields. Founded in 1995 in order to offer a broad spectrum of activities to support the development and empowerment of the Greek civil society.

Praxis stands for developing youth participation at local level, with the purpose of fostering the potential of young people to be active citizens and actors of real social change in their local communities, as well as in their regional and international realities. We provide capacity building for young people for personal and social development using non-formal education methods.
The working methods are primarily based on the active participation and learning of participants promoted through non-formal and informal activities.

We are active players in the field of youth exchanges, seminars and trainings of young people, providing opportunities to discover a new cultural and social environment, improve understanding of a different way of life, develop the spirit of cooperation and skills.

We chose Connectivity because we provide valuable support to young people in implementing their ideas, projects and activities, encouraging all young people to participate in trainings and exchanges of experience. Furthermore, the staff members of Praxis constantly develop themselves and their professional skills in order to contribute with their experience and qualifications to the projects they implement and initiatives they take. This is further enhanced by cooperation meetings, exchanges of best practices, and being continuously informed about youth activities at a European level.