Connectivity. Our approach is based on three main principles: experiential learning, outdoor education and process-based methodology.

Connectivity is a project that focuses on developing a method of sustainable inclusion for unemployed adults through educational outdoor activities. We see the need of such initiative for multiple reasons. Creating an accessible learning frame for disadvantaged groups is a common challenge throughout Europe, especially when it comes to adults.

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Experiential Learning


Process-based methodology


Outdoor education




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Results from Portugal

While we are planning the upcoming steps, our participants are busy sharing the results of our first meeting and brainstorming about further activities and ways of implementation.

Next steps from the team

Today all the organizations from the "Connectivity" crew could meet again. It was a great meeting where we could program the next steps for the project. We are enthusiastic and

The Greek Experience

"[...] it was a unique experience and approach. The difference was that we developed outdoor activities using non-formal education as a tool and at the same time experienced it. W

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